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Houses from Jack and Jackie Kennedy

3321 Dent Place NW
Washington, DC

(Leased by JFK and Jackie as newlyweds from Blair Childs. Built in 1942, this 4 bedroom, 2,448 square foot home is now worth an estimated $1,255,000)

Hickory Hill
1147 Chain Bridge Road 
McLean, Virginia 
(Bought for Jackie during her first pregnancy. Jackie did not want to live in house after the stillbirth of Arabella. They leased Hickory Hill to brother Robert until 1/1958, who then purchased the house)

111 Irving Avenue 
Hyannis Port/Barnstable, MA

(House bought next to JFK near parent's house at Hyannis Port and part of the famous compound -  house now owned by Edward Kennedy Jr.)


Jackie Kennedy, wife of then-Senator John F. Kennedy, reads a bedtime story to daughter, Caroline, at the family home in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. Jackie Kennedy loved books and passed this joy on to her children. September 13, 1960


The Carlyle Hotel
Madison and 76th Streets
New York City, New York
(Several suites used by Kennedy family, and often used by JFK and Jackie while in New York, Jackie stayed here while her new 1040 Fifth Ave., apartment was being renovated in 1964)

Glen Ora
Middleburg, Virginia
(Leased by Kennedys)

Soon after the inauguration, Jackie made a conscious effort to establish a life for herself and her children that was independent of politics and the White House. She requested a house in the country where she could take Caroline and John. The family leased a house near Middleburg, Virginia, called Glen Ora, about an hour outside of Washington, D.C. On average, she and the children would spend two long weekends a month there. Although Jackie always looked glamorous and energetic during her public appearances, she was frail and vulnerable. Her long recovery from her difficult pregnancy and the stress of moving into the White House combined with the constant media scrutiny took its toll on her physically and emotionally. jacqueline-kennedy

Paul Mansion
Palm Beach, Florida
(Loaned to the Kennedys)

1962 (Summer)
Morton Downey House
Squaw Island (Hyannis Port, Massachusetts)
(Leased by Kennedys for summer months)

1963 (Summer)
Squaw Island (Hyannis Port, Massachusetts)
(Leased by Kennedys for summer months, Jackie used after assassination. Now owned by Christopher Kennedy)

Wexford (aka Atoka or Rattlesnake Mountain)
Middleburg, Virginia
(Custom designed by Kennedys, JFK only visited three times, Jackie sold house in 1964)

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