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‘Drover’s Run’, a hotel

Kingsford was bought from Mr Fotheringham by the government and run briefly as an Agricultural Research Facility, before being sold on to Channel Nine under Kerry Packer.
It then embarked on perhaps its most unusual role, standing in as ‘Drover’s Run’ on the hit TV show, McLeod’s Daughters.
The set was closed off from the public for seven years of production and run like a working farm for the purposes of filming, complete with 100 cattle, 250 sheep, 15 horses, working dogs and a team of stockmen. Interior scenes were all filmed inside the house; outbuildings on the property were also used, including ‘Meg's cottage’ next to the main house.
It’s not widely known, but the show was going to be called Drover’s Run until Packer vetoed the name for the one it went to air with. A total of 224 episodes of McLeod’s Daughters were viewed in 41 countries.
The Ahrens family purchased the property in 2009, carefully converting the property to the five-star retreat you are enjoying today.
Kingsford is listed on the State Heritage Register and Register of the National Estate.


Kingsford Homestead enters another exciting chapter this summer, with new Guest Service Hosts John and Kathy O’Shea bringing a wealth of hosting experience to the exclusive property. 
Owners Stefan and Leanne Ahrens are thrilled that John and Kathy have joined Kingsford Homestead after seven years managing luxury destinations in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. 

“Over the past few months, Steve and Jenni Underwood have done a fantastic job in the guest host role, but they are now enjoying semi-retirement and the opportunity to spend more time with their family,” Stefan and Leanne said. “We are very grateful to them for their wonderful hospitality and the genuine rapport they built with our guests.”

John and Kathy have previously assisted in setting up and operating guest services and experiences for several highly regarded luxury tourism destinations in Australia, including Bamurra Plains (NT), Sal Salis (WA) and Arkaba Station (SA).

After nine years in the Northern Territory they moved to the Barossa Valley earlier this year, to be closer to their son and his young family.

“We are very fortunate that John and Kathy have joined us at such an exciting time as we continue to develop our unique experiences and our luxury, all- inclusive food, wine and accommodation destination,” Stefan and Leanne said.

“With John and Kathy’s expertise we will be able to build on the international recognition Kingsford Homestead has already received for its luxurious, all-inclusive offering, including the tranquil bush bath which is a favourite pastimes at our secluded, riverside property on the edge of the Barossa.”
Adding to these unforgettable experiences, Kingsford Homestead has recently unveiled its swimming pool and outdoor lounge, with ongoing works taking  place to transform the historic shearing shed into a distinctive function centre.


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Villa Nellcôte/ birthplace-of-exile-in-main-street

Cotchford Farm, setting for the Winnie the Pooh stories and Redlands

Cotchford Farm, the East Sussex childhood home of Christopher Robin Milne and setting for the Winnie the Pooh stories, has been listed for sale through Savills UK. The author A A Milne lived there on and off from 1924 with his wife, Dorothy and son, Christopher Robin.

Cotchford Farm, the East Sussex childhood home of Christopher Robin Milne and setting for the Winnie the Pooh stories, has been listed for sale through Savills UK. The author A A Milne lived there on and off from 1924 with his wife, Dorothy and son, Christopher Robin.

"It is easy to understand why Christopher Robin Milne says in his autobiography The Enchanted Places: Cotchford was different... Cotchford was ours and on an autumn morning in 1925 we ... drove down to take possession. No, I have got it wrong. It was Cotchford that took possession of us’."

In 1968 Brian Jones, the founding member of The Rolling Stones, bought Cotchford Farm for £35,000, dying a year later at the age of 27. In the 1960s and 1970s all the Rolling Stones acquired country mansions with Mick Jagger buying Elizabethan Stargroves in East End, Newbury, Berkshire, which had been owned by Oliver Cromwell. Charlie Watts bought Peckhams, a property in West Sussex from Lord Shawcross; Bill Wyman acquired a property in Suffolk; and Keith Richards bought Redlands in West Wittering, West Sussex. propertyobserver

Stargroves is a manor house and associated estate at East Woodhay in the English county of Hampshire. It is best known for being the home of Mick Jagger during the 1970s and a recording venue for The Rolling Stones and various other rock bands. Mick Jagger purchased the estate in 1970 for £55,000. The Rolling Stones recorded there before their move to France in spring 1971. These recordings were laid down via a Mobile Recording Studio control room located in a custom-built truck known as the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. The band recorded a number of albums and singles at Stargroves including various tracks which appeared on Exile On Main Street, Sticky Fingers and It's Only Rock 'n Roll.[citation needed] Other bands also recorded at Stargroves using the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. The Who recorded a number of songs there including "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Pure and Easy" in 1971. In 1972, Led Zeppelin recorded parts of the albums Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti there. Other artists who have recorded in the Rolling Stones' studio are Deep Purple, Status Quo, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Horslips, Santana and Iron Maiden. The exterior of the house and its grounds were also extensively used for filming the Doctor Who stories Pyramids of Mars (1975) and Image of the Fendahl (1977). Both stories featured the Fourth Doctor.[2][3]
In 1998 Rod Stewart bought Stargroves for £2.5 million from Frank Williams. However, having just broken-up with Rachel Hunter, Stewart never lived there and sold it a few months later, at the same time as his settlement for his divorce from Hunter.[wiki/Stargroves]

Redlands in West Wittering, West Sussex

Mick and Keith in the back yard
of Redlands, around the early 70's.
Photo from Online Mirror


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