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Houses of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

24 Prince St.
Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA 02130

This unassuming Jamaica Plain home was the site of probably the happiest years of confessional poet Sylvia Plath’s life. This is the home where Plath was born, and lived in the earliest years of her life, before the death of her father. axs.-plath-boston

18 Rugby Street 

8 Rugby Street, London

London played a central role in her life, too. It was here that she slept with her future husband, fellow poet Ted Hughes, for the first time on 23 March 1956, at a borrowed flat in Bloomsbury. Plath wrote in her journal of the ‘sleepless holocaust night with Ted’, while Hughes would later immortalise his dates with her at the flat in his poem 18 Rugby Street

3 Chalcot Square, London

Plath moved to England in December 1959 with her husband, the British poet Ted Hughes (1930–98). In January the following year, through the efforts of the American poet WS Merwin and his English wife, the couple found an unfurnished three-room flat on the top floor of 3 Chalcot Square. It was to be their home until August 1961 when they moved to Devon. Plath's time at number 3 was happy and productive: she published her first volume of poetry, The Colossus (1960), wrote her only novel, The Bell Jar (1963), and gave birth to her first child, Frieda.

Court Green, North Tawton

Green, North Tawton, a small market town in Mid Devonshire. They simultaneously worked on getting their poetry published. Her first collection of poetry, The Colossus and Other Poems, was published in the United Kingdom in 1960. Ted's second book of poems was published and received excellent reviews. In February 1961, Plath suffered a miscarriage. She was devastated by this event and wrote seven poems in February, the month she lost the baby. These poems are "Parliament Hill Fields," "Whitsun," "Zoo Keeper's Wife," "Face Lift," "Morning Song," "Heavy Women" and "Barren Woman," the majority dealing with the subject of loss.

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