zaterdag 4 februari 2017

Samantha Jones New York appartment, Meatpacking District

Sadly, though, Samatha's  apartment building looks very different today than it appeared back in 2000 when SATC filmed there. In the early 1900’s, the Meatpacking District was solely an industrial neighborhood, housing over 250 of New York’s slaughterhouses and warehouses. In the 80s, prostitutes and drug dealers moved in, turning MePa, as it is sometimes called, into a seedy and run down part of town. But during the past ten years or so, the entire Meatpacking District has undergone a huge transformation, turning it into one of the most trendy neighborhoods in New York. During this transformation, many of the old slaughterhouses and buildings, including Samantha’s, were given complete face lifts and no longer look as they did a decade ago. Read more on the interesting page of  iamnotastalker/samanthas-meatpacking-digs

Sandwiched conveniently between the brownstone terraces of Greenwich Village and Chelsea, the Meatpacking District was immortalised by Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones, whose notorious loft conversion became the setting for some of the most lurid one-night stands ever to hit the screen. simonseeks/why-meatpacking-district-new-yorks-coolest-village

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