zaterdag 21 januari 2017

The White House.

The Family Residence

The second floor of the White House Residence is the first family residence, where their bedrooms and private sitting rooms are located, as well as some guest bedrooms such as the Lincoln Bedroom. This floor has 16 rooms, 1 main corridor, 6 bathrooms, and 1 lavatory. The first family has overnight guests at the Residence, but visiting chiefs of state usually stay across the street at Blair House, which is the official guest facility for international leaders and is managed and operated by the Department of State.  whitehousemuseum

Old Family Dining Room

The small Old Family Dining Room, just off the State Dining Room, has been refurbished by Michelle Obama in the first major project that will leave her mark on the interiors of the historic building. popsugar/White-House-Family-Dining-Room-Makeover

Old Situation:

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