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The Houses of Gertrude Bell. Still busy with this blog. There is coming more....

Red Barns

The Red Barns pub and hotel in Kirkleatham Street, Redcar, was once the family home of Gertrude Bell - the remarkable mountaineer, archaeologist, linguist and traveller who was one of the first women to get an Oxford degree and became world renowned for her knowledge of the Middle East.

Gertrude Bell's archief gerty.ncl

In 1868, Gertrude’s father commissioned a new home for his young family in the heart of Redcar. Red Barns is infused with Gertrude’s presence. It was here that she played games of “housemaids” with her brothers and sisters, dashing silently from the cellars to the attics while attempting to avoid being spotted by the servants. It was in the extensive gardens that she cultivated her lifelong love of flowers. Scrambling up the scaffolding as the house was extended in 1882 may have given her the head for heights that turned her into a mountaineer. Riding the ponies stabled at Red Barns gave her the confidence to ride across virtually unmapped tracts of the Middle East. And it was while living at Red Barns that she developed another lifelong passion that has made her such a gift to historians: letter-writing. theguardian/gertrude-bell-home-museum-redcar

Rounton Grange
House of Gertrude's grandfather
Photographes of the inside from Gertrude Bell RountonGrange

  Sir Issac Lowthian Bell, grandfather of Gertrude.
Gertrude was born in this buidling.
The building is demolished. lostheritage

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