woensdag 8 maart 2017

Castel-mare, home of Allene Tew/  Countess of Kotzebue

I was reading "The American Princess" of Annejet van der Zijl
It tells about the story of gives us the story of Allene Tew (1872-1955

If anything is American, it is the belief that there can always be a new start
Allene Tew is the personification of this idea

Allene became the owner of several houses
One of these houses is this ""seacastle"'
Her life became blue Annejet tells us

Castel Mare was built in 1905 on the rocks of Cap d’Ail. The villa has seen many famous guests such as members of the Netherlands Royal family. Queen Beatrix is the godchild of Henry’s stepmother Countess of Kotzebue. In the guest book you can still find the Windsors, the Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe, the author Somerset Maugham etc. It is now that the niece of the Prince Henry II of Reuss took over this fantasy filled shelter. Despite some modernization, it is the antique furniture and the old noble bathrooms that keep the spirit of those wonderful former days at the Côte d’Azur alive.

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  1. Lovely photos. I just finished the book. I will be reviewing it Monday.
    Lisa @ http://hopewellslibraryoflife.wordpress.com/


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