maandag 4 juni 2012

McLeod's Daughters/ Drover's Run





It then embarked on perhaps its most unusual role, standing in as ‘Drover’s Run’ on the hit TV show, McLeod’s Daughters.
The set was closed off from the public for seven years of production and run like a working farm for the purposes of filming, complete with 100 cattle, 250 sheep, 15 horses, working dogs and a team of stockmen. Interior scenes were all filmed inside the house; outbuildings on the property were also used, including ‘Meg's cottage’ next to the main house.
It’s not widely known, but the show was going to be called Drover’s Run until Packer vetoed the name for the one it went to air with. A total of 224 episodes of McLeod’s Daughters were viewed in 41 countries.
The Ahrens family purchased the property in 2009, carefully converting the property to the five-star retreat you are enjoying today.
Kingsford is listed on the State Heritage Register and Register of the National Estate.


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